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Loyalty Archive

The Incredible Lightness Of Loyalty

Image: ©iStock

Today’s consumers do not pledge lifelong loyalty to a brand – they want suppliers to compete for their business. Tamara Oberholster unpacks loyalty marketing.

What’s The Difference

Image: ©Unsplash - Javier Molina

Is there a clear distinction in the market between loyalty and reward programmes, asks Georgina Guedes.

You’re Special

Image: ©iStock

Expedited by increasingly adept technology and data analysis, personalised marketing is evolving rapidly. Stephen Timm looks at how it can be used to build loyalty among customers.

A Most Loyal Creature

Image: ©Shutterstock

Everything I know about loyalty, I learned from the cat. Well, brand loyalty, anyway, writes Gus Silber.

Touch Pause Engage

Image: ©Unsplash

A key challenge for loyalty and rewards programmes is to increase member engagement rather than focusing on the size of their membership base. Mandy Collins looks at how to get this right.

Making The Right Kind Of Magic

Image: ©Unsplash

Loyalty programmes are popular, but why do you need one? Georgina Guedes details the fundamentals.

How May We Be Of Service?

Source: Koos Jérard Louw
how may we be of service

Customer service is the foundation of a customer loyalty programme. Joyce Monson looks at the fundamental mandatory requirements of customer service that help expedite loyalty.

Word On The Street

Image: ©Shutterstock

Everyone has an opinion, but what do millennials really think about loyalty and rewards programmes? Penny Haw took to the streets and asked a few millennials to explain themselves.

Leading The Way In Loyalty

Image: iStock© - Cashier helping customer at checkout counter of store

It’s no surprise that successful brands have loyalty programmes that reflect their popularity. Katy Chance looks at what makes them tick.

Loyalty On The Move

Image: Shutterstock

Technology can make it easier to give customers what they want, and to build robust loyalty programmes. Mandy Collins looks at the impact of mobile technology and social media on loyalty and rewards programmes, and how companies can make it work for them.

Give Me The Prize

give me the prize

Everyone wants money, right? In fact, when it comes to being rewarded for loyalty, that is not always the case, writes Joyce Monson.

Confessions Of A Loyalty-Card Junkie

Image: iStock

With a wallet full of cards, Tamara Oberholster concedes it’s not easy being a loyalty-programme junkie.

Loyalty Affairs

Image: iStock - Loyalty chart on notebook.

Rewards and loyalty programmes have been around for about 125 years – and the number is growing all the time, says Katy Chance.

Attracting New Business

Attracting new business

Can loyalty and rewards programmes deliver customer acquisition benefits? Tamara Oberholster investigates.

Five Tips on Using Social Media to Boost Your Brand

By: NSBC Editorial Team.
BML 06-10

Tweet, pin, post and blog. If this sounds like Greek to you, then you are in the right place. With the advent of social media, digital marketing has taken off and there are many platforms which you can use to spread the word about your business.

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