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Shaken Not Stirred

Major changes, including appointment of a new board, are under way at the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), recently appointed CEO, Mzwandile Sokupa, tells built.

Lost For Good?

The decline of modern, well-functioning infrastructure in SA - Peter Major, Director for Mining at Cadiz Corporate Solutions investigates.

The Economics Of Luxury Living

Upmarket mixed-use estates offering the ultimate in luxury living continue to be on-trend and the aspiration for most home-owners.

Re-Engineering Technology To Close Development Gaps

The engineering of infrastructure development in today’s world needs to evolve towards revolutionising the way in which technology is researched, developed and used, states Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO of Siemens South Africa.

The Resurgence Of A Carbon-Based Industrialised Community

South Africa sits on the verge of a dilemma – the collapse of the coal industry and all that it represents – or the resurgence of a new and sustainable coal-based industry.


The commissioning of the Tsitsikamma Community Wind Farm (TCWF) pushes the boundaries beyond just representing the success of the renewable energy programme in South Africa, but speaks to the heart and the success of the AmaMfengu community in the Eastern Cape.

Military Veterans’ Housing Project Makes Significant Headway

The Department of Human Settlements undertook a rigorous programme last year to address the backlog of housing for military veterans. The Military Veterans Housing Programme is aimed at assisting and supporting military veterans and their dependents.

Call For Governments To Energise Infrastructure Projects

Governments need to energise infrastructure projects and so far they have relied heavily on the private sector to achieve their economic, social and environmental objectives.

Drone On

International import/export trade continues to grow – this in spite of the global financial crunch.

Driving Change

South Africa’s oldest consulting engineering firm, Knight Piésold, which celebrates 95 years this year, will soon join the ranks of top South African companies, such as De Beers and Old Mutual, which have been in existence for over a century.


Infrastructure development remains critical to the development of any country. In South Africa, the government through its National Development Plan has identified infrastructure development as crucial to socioeconomic development, with government committing billions of Rands for public sector spending on infrastructure. Further, Africa has some of the world’s fastest developing economies, and is well on the way for the next big industrial revolution, with some exciting mega projects planned and projects ongoing.

In light of the drive to develop infrastructure on the continent, and to highlight projects underway in Africa, with a strong focus on South Africa and Southern Africa, Times Media published an infrastructure-focused magazine which was distributed in the Business Times in June and in November 2015. Its first successful edition was published and distributed with the Business Times in June 2014.

The content highlights major infrastructural developments (new, current or recently completed) underway in the country and on the continent, including projects within (but not limited to) the transport, water, power, housing, commercial and public services sectors. Suppliers, contractors, technology providers and major construction companies will feature, together with industry insights on infrastructure development from key industry players.



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Press Room

An Exciting And Enlightening Joint Venture

The partnering of a local empowerment company and a world class international company could mean a local infrastructural triumph.

Factors Hampering The Digitalisation Of Our Railways

South Africa is far behind the rest of the world in terms of digitalising our railways.

SMEC South Africa Celebrates 70 Years Of Transformational Success

SMEC acquired Vela VKE, a South African professional consulting engineering company in 2012 as part of a strategy to strengthen their presence within South Africa and the wider African market.

South Africans Cannot Afford To Ignore The Water Crisis

Changing peoples’ attitude to water usage and effectively managing the demand for water is critical, writes Sean Molloy, GIBB General Manager: Integrated Infrastructure Services.

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