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SAIA Celebrates 21st Publication Of The Digest

On 22 February 2017, the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) engaged with stakeholders and celebrated youth by awarding its first three bursaries to deserving students, following the launch of its bursary programme last year.

Resorts – An Experience Beyond Accommodation

While the expectations of resorts may differ from person to person, the yearning for relaxation, fresh air, breath-taking scenery and the escape from the hustle and bustle of suburbia is a shared desire.

After Automation

In the gig economy, skills and needs are elegantly matched at market rates by algorithms. Kerry Haggard wonders what this means for the future of recruitment agencies.

Issues Relating To University Planning And Design

While this article is inspired by the work of the association of Louw and Dewar on four major educational institutions in South Africa, it is part of a series which intends to generate broader discussion on the topic.

Youth Development Beyond Youth Day

SALGA’s Youth Development Programme ensures our country’s future leaders receive year-round attention, writes Dale Hes.

Getting Through Renovations Smoothly

What drives malls to renovate and upgrade, and how do they make the process smoother? Busani Moyo investigates.

April 2018

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Cautiously Optimistic

Pumps and valves sector targeting growth in 2018.

Loyalty Affairs

Rewards and loyalty programmes have been around for about 125 years – and the number is growing all the time, says Katy Chance.

Should Everyone Code?

In the “fourth industrial revolution”, everything will be digitised. Does that mean programming is an essential skill for every job, asks Carolyn de Kock.