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The Art And Magic Of Feng Shui In Your Work Space

By: Wanda Michelle

Creating spaces should not just be extraordinary in aesthetic, but also healing in design, says Wanda Michelle from WMI Interior Design.

The Office Past, Present, Future

Virtual offices and telecommuting have become buzz words in our modern world, but does the brick-and-mortar office still have a place? By Shoks Mnisi Mzolo.

Neuroscientific Office Design

By: Tower Bridge neuroscience consultant, Ian Rheeder

A workplace that achieves synchronicity between selling and experience at every touch point is more important than ever.

3 Novels For Your Nightstand

By: Ben Williams - general manager of marketing, loyalty and online at Exclusive Books

Ben Williams recommends these reads to help you get to grips with America, then and now.

Conferencing Away From Home

Global conferencing delegates want more from conferencing venues, writes Babalwa Shota.

Fail Is Not A Four Letter Word

Failure is not the end of the world. In fact, it can often lead to greater triumphs in the boardroom, writes Kim Norwood-Young.

Additive Manufacturing: Are SA Manufacturers In Danger Of Obsolescence?

By: Bradley Schmidt

Additive manufacturing (AM) — or 3D printing (3DP) — technology has been available since the mid 1980’s. Significant advances in the technology have brought the business case to the fore over the last ten years.

The Destructive Nature Of Workplace Disturbances

By: Jonathan Hall

South African companies are losing 400 hours of productive time per 100 employees every day. How do you get that back?

The Office of the Future: Less Virtual, More Reality

by: Bradley Porter.

Often, when people think of the workplace of the future, they think of no workplace at all. Discover how the workplace is transforming to ensure high profitability and happy employees.

Samsung 2016 UHD TVs Awarded Top UHD Standards

SPONSORED: Samsung Electronics Co.’s 2016 UHD TV models have attained the Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV certification from Digital Europe (DE), a collaborative body of European IT and consumer electronics businesses.

Smart UX Centre Wins BLI Innovation Award

SPONSORED: Samsung’s Smart UX Centre Android-based system achieves global recognition.

Serviced Offices – The Key to Sustainable SMME Development?

It has been widely acknowledged that SMMEs hold the key to sustainable economic growth in South Africa. However, setting up a new business from scratch is no mean feat, with some of the biggest challenges in the current economic climate being a lack of access to affordable infrastructure and steep overhead costs.

Is Office Space an Investment?

SPONSORED: Cartel House provides some perspective on the issue of office space and offers a preferable alternative.

Bored-Room Business

Meetings should deliver decisions, not slay productivity, says Trevor Crighton.

Data Privacy Rules Give Certainty for Cloud Adoption in Africa

SPONSORED: With stronger information privacy and data protection laws coming into effect in South Africa and other parts of the continent, businesses operating in Africa must think carefully about where and with which providers they host their cloud enterprise data and applications.

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