Putting On A Face

It’s okay to be overconfident as long as you don’t cross the line, writes Busani Moyo.

Going Solar

With load shedding back and electricity price hikes on the horizon, Anthony Sharpe squints up at the feasibility of solar power for businesses.

Smarten Up

Megan Ellis explores why smart buildings are so popular overseas – and whether SA is catching up.

Huddle Up

After the death of restrictive cubicles and old-school meeting rooms, Hasmita Amtha explores what’s next in office design.

The Cubicle Is Dead, So What’s Next?

More people are working remotely, but the future of work is not necessarily outside the office, writes Carolyn de Kock.

The King’s Secretary

The role of the secretary in corporate governance is often overlooked, claims Kerry Dimmer.

Being Nimble

The principles of software development are infiltrating general business practices, says Carolyn de Kock, but can a corporate really be lean and agile?

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After Email

The recent Liberty data breach should have all South African businesses thinking about what they’re asking for over email, writes Adam Oxford.

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AI: Diving Into The Deep End?

Are South African companies getting smart about artificial intelligence? Vanessa Clark finds out.

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Is An MBA Still Worth The Effort?

The de facto management qualification is still relevant, but only if business schools are willing to adapt, writes Busani Moyo.

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Incubating Success

Megan Ellis looks at how business incubators and accelerators are helping entrepreneurs survive in a tough environment.

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Why Is IoT So Popular? Because It Delivers

IoT or the Internet of Things is finally starting to flex its muscles as a go to technology for companies looking to gather deeper insights on their business. Why? Because it works. Or does it?


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