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Serious About Social Media

Banks have recognised the prowess of social media marketing. Penny Haw takes a look at the status quo.

Why Your Score Matters

Evaluating a bank’s qualitative and quantitative ratings can help predict its future success as well as measure its past performance. Susan Reynard investigates.

Pay A Little More Off Your Home Loan And Get Big Rewards

Just because most home loans are approved with a 20-year repayment term does not mean that you have to spend that long paying for your home.

Education Funding Requires A Collaborative Effort

Only a concerted effort from all sectors can solve the national education funding crisis, writes Sungula Nkabinde.

Innovative Solutions Needed To Drive Expansion

Local banks must become increasingly innovative to stake their claim on Africa’s fast-evolving financial services sector, writes Sungula Nkabinde.

Mobile Money In Action

Mobile money services not only change how people manage money, they also provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, writes Caiphus Kgosana.

Small Is The New Big

Rodney Weidemann says SMEs could improve South Africa’s economy if they get help from government and the major financial institutions.

The Hedge Fund Industry

Sibindana takes a comparative look at South Africa’s hedge fund industry.

Downgrade And Recession: A Catastrophe For SMEs

Septi M Bukula takes a look at the possibility of a grim economic future as the ongoing talk about a possible ratings downgrade and recession by the end of this year is cause for deep concern within the country’s small business community.

M&A Under Threat From Brexit Fallout

Global uncertainty puts corporate deals on the back burner, says Chris Staines.


Banker SA is the official quarterly publication of The Banking Association South Africa, giving you a glimpse into the workings of macroeconomics, and a unique insight into the world of banking in a South African context.

Our editorial is topical in nature and focuses on developments in macroeconomics, banking and financial services.

Banker SA is distributed to all Committee Members and ordinary members of the Association, as well as to CEOs, CFOs and MDs of all the registered banking institutions in South Africa, at industry leading conferences and exhibitions, in addition to selected airport lounges.



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