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An Inspiring African JV

The joint venture of a local black investment company and a renowned Dutch streetlight manufacturer is an inspiring African story.
Image: Power Matla Innolumis CEO Kgathola Ngoasheng Image: Power Matla Innolumis CEO Kgathola Ngoasheng

The locally renowned African empowerment Investment Company Power Matla Consortium has joined forces with the Netherlands based Innolumis Public Lighting BV to form Power Matla Innolumis (Pty) Ltd. This is, amongst other things, an energy saving initiative that provides world-leading LED lighting solutions to the Public, Mining and Industrial sectors.

The Joint Venture benefits from the extensive operational experience that Power Matla has in the Energy and Electrification sector and the leading international LED technology prowess of Innolumis, to bring what are considered to be the world’s best public LED lighting solutions to our shores.

CEO Kgathola Ngoasheng says: “Our range of tried and tested LED out-door and area lighting products provide our mining clients with a price, performance and quality value proposition that meet the mines’ on-going need to reduce energy consumption and non-core maintenance costs. At the same time it achieves effective lighting levels with long-lasting lifecycles and minimal light pollution. We have unique special colour LED light sources, standard across our range of lights, for special application lighting with a maximum return in safety, security and general area application.  For example, our Golden Green Mesopic light colour in a perimeter fencing  application, guarantees the most visible video surveillance result, minimal light pollution, 80 000 hrs constant lumen output (CLO) with no maintenance over life-time, at the lowest energy consumption.”

An energy saving initiative

The formation of this ‘power’ partnership will address some of the much needed and more prevalent energy saving initiatives in South Africa. Wasteful and inefficient public lighting will all but be eliminated with the introduction of the Power Matla Innolumis’ comprehensive lighting solution, which offer a considerable energy conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Although still a relatively expensive investment for municipalities in particular, Power Matla Innolumis believes that LED technology will soon surpass the current inefficient lighting solutions and the saving on energy alone will prove this high-tech LED offering to be the financially prudent choice for public sector budgets.

About Dutch company Innolumis Public Lighting BV

Since 2008, Innolumis Public Lighting BV has lead the way globally with LED technology and world-pioneering Mesopic light colours (designed to emulate the way human eyes perceive colour and contrast in night time conditions).  Innolumis has manufactured and installed over 80 000 LED street lights in the Netherlands alone and are well-known for their innovative products across Europe. The company integrates knowledge of visual perception with the latest LED lighting technologies, staying on top as the ultimate specialists in optimising the light spectrum for the human eye and focusing luminaires where the light is needed.

“We have been active in South Africa since 2010 when our products were distributed by NTL Lemnis Africa under the Pharox LED brand. Due to the growth in the LED market in Africa we have decided to invest directly into South Africa and Power Matla proved to be the perfect partner for this venture,” says Gert Grolleman, CEO of Innolumis.  “We now have installation sites at municipalities, mines and various industrial and commercial sites across South Africa and Botswana. In the near future, we will also introduce an integrated smart city solution to the luminaires. We are currently testing this new concept in Europe,” he concludes.

About the joint venture company

The new company’s shareholding is made up by a majority share (60%) held by Level 1 BBBEE Power Matla Consortium, 35% Innolumis Public Lighting BV and the remaining 5% by the executive management.  Managing Director, Francois van Tonder believes that “our experience in the South African and African markets, especially with this proven technology, makes us very optimistic about the growth of the company and of specialised LED lighting technologies in in general.  Combined with the knowledge, skills transfer and job creation as result of the planned manufacturing plant and the strong, experienced team driving the offering, we are positively upbeat about changing the landscape of local sustainable and renewable energies in the public, mining and industrial spaces.”

Power Matla Innolumis’ offering includes:

  • A comprehensive lighting solution to the Public, Mining and Industrial sectors.
  • A full product portfolio covering all applications for outdoor, street, and area lighting, including complete off-grid application.
  • An approved installer/contractor base plus an own installation and maintenance management service.
  • Baseline infrastructure audits, including light counts and energy analysis.
  • Access to and assistance with various project funding/finance solutions.
  • Local SKD manufacturing and fully fledged local manufacturing.
  • Introduction of the integrated smart city solution.

For more information about Power Matla Innolumis, visit or contact +27 11 234 0008.

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