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You Don’t Have To Deprive Yourself

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Local mobile companies fail to move BEE critics, who claim that transformation is lagging, reports Gershwin Wanneburg.

The outlook for gold in the short term remains bullish – this on the back of the precious metal’s impressive $300 windfall over the past few months, which has seen producers repositioned, from survival mode in the last quarter of 2015 to being cash-flush, Randgold CEO Mark Bristow states at a recent media briefing.


Taking Place

At first glance, a retrospective is an odd title to give an architect still in the prime of her life and work. However, such is the simultaneously long, drawn-out time span and the ‘backward-and–forward-looking’ nature of the profession, that it’s an apt description.

Rania Anderson, an international expert on the professional development of women in developing economies, is the keynote speaker at the Gender Mainstreaming Awards. She spoke to Helen Grange.


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