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Fashion Design Graduate Exhibition

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Some architects sacrifice good stewardship of the earth, on the altar of aesthetics. However, others pay careful attention to the materials they choose, use them in a sustainable manner, and yet produce buildings that are also highly aesthetically pleasing. Shouldn’t architects be asking into which category they fall?

An Architectural dream - Africa and Arabia make headlines at the International Property Awards.

South Africa is the most unequal society on the globe. Opulence exists alongside poverty; decadence is but a stone’s throw from deprivation. The Sunday Times Rich List (7 December 2014) highlighted the widening income and wealth gap in South Africa. There is simply no justification for such disparity.

Can one have a regional urbanism?

The 21st annual Vukani Awards evoke Africa's creative ancestry through youthful artistry.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new key technology for presenting building projects or designs that superimposes virtual 2D or 3D computer-generated images onto real-world images, in real time using an Android or Apple smartphone/tablet device.


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